The death of James Jackson

January 1, 1977
A Liverpool professional footballer who attracted thousands when he preached at special services at Everton football ground has died in hospital at the age of 79.

He was the Rev. James Jackson, minister at Bournemouth Presbyterian Church until 1963 when he retired, but known as Parson Jackson when he played for Liverpool in the late ninteen-twenties and early thirties.

He played for Liverpool for eight years to support himself while studying for the ministry, becoming captain. Known as the Gentleman of Football, he was remembered for his good manners on the field.

He studied at Liverpool University, completing his education at St. Aidan’s College, Birkenhead, and Cambridge University. He was invited to be the assistant minister at Liverpool’s Shaw Street Presbyterian Church in 1928.

He once said: “The footballer learns the greatest lesson which life can teach him – to play the game. I have found footballers a generous body of men. In most cases they are just grown-up schoolboys; full of fun and laughter.”

His father was a professional footballer for 20 years, and was once captain of Arsenal, and it is perhaps ironical that Mr. Jackson’s most spectacular performance is said to have been against Arsenal in 1930, when Liverpool scored the only goal.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: January 4, 1977; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

Liverpool Echo: January 7, 1977.


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