Liverpool F.C.: The annual meeting of 1977

July 29, 1977
Liverpool manager Bob Paisley offered only one prediction for the coming season to the shareholders at the club’s annual meeting last night – to stay the top team in Europe. A year ago, when making his annual report to the meeting, he said he hoped they would win the European Cup. He added: “It was a dream perhaps, but I thought we had a chance. Well, we won it, and became the best club side in Europe at a time when English international football is in the doldrums. My only prediction this time is that we aim to stay the best.

Mr. Paisley, who received a great ovation from the shareholders, spoke from a platform fronted by a glittering array of silverware which was such impressive proof of the greatest season in Liverpool’s history that the meeting sailed along happily in an atmosphere of euphoria – and rightly so.

The trophies on show were the League championship cup, the European Cup, the Charity Shield, the Central League championship, the cup awarded by a French newspaper for the best team in Europe in 1976, and Mr. Paisley’s own award as manager of the year for the second successive time.

He said: “Success is such that after we had won the European Cup little was said about our feat in winning the League championship for the second year running, or coming so close to winning the FA Cup as well. Yet we always believe that winning the first prize in English football is the major achievement.”

He paid a handsome tribute to the club’s supporters, particularly for their contribution to the epic victory in Rome.

Looking to next season, he said they would start with 27 professionals which was one of the lowest numbers for some years.

He went on: “I think this will be an advantage, because it will enable us to bring on younger players more quickly. We have a first team squad of 16, and the rest are youngsters who will be given their chance to prove themselves.”

Vice-chairman Jack Cross, and finance-committee chairman, Eric Sawyer, were re-elected unanimously. The nine shareholders who sought a place on the Board withdrew.

To maintain the usual Liverpool emphasis on stability, the directors have re-elected Mr. John Smith and Mr. Cross as chairman and vice-chairman respectively for the coming year.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: July 30, 1977; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


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