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Born: November 23, 1887: Glasgow, in Scotland.
Passed away: 1975.

Position: Outside right, played centre forward in his youth.

Height: (5ft. 8in.).
Weight: (10st. 4 ½lb.).

Baptist’s United, 1905.
Christ Church, 1907.
West Hartlepool, 1908.
Everton: Signed: February, 1910.
Barrow: Signed: 1912.
Gillingham: Signed: 1912.
* War time guest: Liverpool: Signed: August, 1915.
Tranmere Rovers.
Halifax Town: Signed: July, 1921.
Accrington Stanley: Signed: 1922.
Player-coach. Aintree SS: 1931.

Lormor League Champions 1905/06 and 1906/07.
Hartlepool and District League Champion 1907/08.

Athletic News: September 17, 1910.

Joint Match Programme: September 24, 1910.
Ernie Pinkney


    1. Hi Susan,

      The image is from Everton Collection and I am pretty sure you will be able to get a copy if you contact them. The image is actually connected with a profile article about Ernie. You can read it here:

      You will find information how to contact them here:

      I will also ask around if anyone has more images of Ernie for you.

      Best regards,


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