John Asbury

Born: October – 1861, in West Derby, Liverpool (Lancashire), in England.
Passed away:

Asbury in media.

Time line:
Baptism, October 20 –  1861, in  Toxteth Park, St John the Baptist, Lancashire.

Marriage, January 25 –  1880, at St Patrick RC, Toxteth Park, Liverpool.
between John ASBURY of 27 Beamish Street (son of Charles ASBURY), and Mary STANANOUGHT of 39 Sussex Street.
(daughter of John STANANOUGHT).
Witnesses – Patrick FITZSIMONS, 17 Mill Street & Ann STANANOUGHT of 39 Sussex Street.

Marriage, June 8 –  1904, in St Mary the Virgin, West Derby, Lancashire, England.
between Thomas Asbury – 38 Clerk Bachelor of 8 Norwoood Grove, and Anne Coxhead Peppins – 24 Spinster of 9 West Derby Village.
Groom’s Father: John Asbury, Cotton dealer.
Bride’s Father: Austin Peppins, Licensed Victualler.
Witness: Richard George Asbury; Mabel Peppin.
Married by Banns by: J. Percy N. Potter.

Director, Liverpool Football Club, 1902 – 1932.
Chairman, Liverpool Football Club.

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