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** There is a note in Aberdeen Journal (November 23 – 1932) about a traffic accident where a former professional football named John Marshall died. The accident appeared on July 6 – 1932, and Marshall died two days later at Aberdeen Infirmary. The article claim he played football for Birmingham and other English clubs. The John Marshall who played for Liverpool never played for Birmingham, but this might be a misprint by the newspaper. It is a chance this is the John Marshall that played for Liverpool Reserves.

Position: Centre forward.

Height: (5ft. 9in.)
Weight: (11st. 7lb.)
* Source: Liverpool Echo: August 9, 1929.

Liverpool: Signed: May 13, 1929.
** Transferred to Stockport County.
Stockport County: Signed: February 13, 1930.
Bath City: Signed: August 6, 1930.
** Contract cancelled February 18, 1931. Free transfer.

Scotland, Junior, (England, 1928), (Ireland, 1929)

Liverpool Echo: August 9, 1929.


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