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Born: 1866, in Pollokshaws (Renfrewshire), in Scotland.
Passed away:
** I am not sure about the dates above. I know he got married on April 21, 1897 to Elizabeth Florence Ormisher. Place for marriage is West Derby, and his age 29 years. On there is a family tree for his wife and for the 1901 Census it tells that the couple lived in Glasgow (249 Stirling Road). John (35), Elizabeth (28), Mary (6) and Jessie (5).

Position: Right half, also played right back.

Height: 171 cm. (5ft. 7½in.);
Weight: 73 kilos (11st. 7lb.).
** Height and weight source: Athletic News: April 17, 1893.

St Mirren: Signed: 1890.
Liverpool: Signed: October, 1892 (outside Football League).
Liverpool, signed, August 22, 1893;
* registered with the Football League: August 23, 1893;
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: September 1, 1893.
* re-signed contract: May 1, 1895.
* re-signed contract: April 23, 1896.
** Transferred to New Brighton Tower for £50.
New Brighton Tower: Signed: July, 1898.

Renfrewshire Cup Winner: 1890-91 (St. Mirren).
Liverpool Cup Winner: 1892-93 (Liverpool).

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