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About Dick Morris:
“He is very clever with the ball, passes well, and infuses any amount of dash into his work. Did he boast but a few more inches he would be an ideal forward. Inside left is his favourite position, and with youth on his side, he should become a useful player. Morris is steady, well educated, and accomplished.”
(Athletic News: March 9, 1903)

Born: January 1, 1879: Newtown (Montgomeryshire), Wales.
Passed away:

Nickname: “Taff”.

Position: Inside left.

Height: 165 cm. (5ft. 5in.);
Weight: 70 kilos (11st.).
** Source: Athletic News: March 9, 1903.

Newtown, 1897.
Druids, 1902.
Liverpool: Signed: March 24, 1902;
* Registered with the Football Association: March 25, 1902.
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: March 31, 1902.
Leeds City: Signed: May 9, 1905.
Grimsby Town: Signed: June 20, 1906.
Plymouth Argyle: Signed: 1907.
Reading: Signed: May, 1908.
Huddersfield Town: Signed: August 18, 1908.
Newtown RWW: Signed: January, 1909.
Merthyr Town: Signed: February, 1910.

Wales A; 11 matches – 1 goal:
(v. Ireland: February 22, 1902; v. England: March 3, 1902; v. Scotland: March 15, 1902; v. Scotland: March 9, 1903; v. Ireland: March 28, 1903; v. England: February 29, 1904; v. Scotland: March 12, 1904; v. Ireland: March 21, 1904; v. Scotland: March 3, 1906; v. Ireland: February 23, 1907 ‘1g’; v. Ireland: April 11, 1908).

Trophy cabinet:
Liverpool Cup Winner: 1904-05 (Liverpool).

Richard Morris, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: March 9, 1903).

Richard Morris, 1906, from the collection of James Cotton.
Richard Morris 1906

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