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“Standing 5ft. 10½in. in height and weighing 12 stone. Nature has endowed him with a bulk which opposing forwards find difficult to circumvent. Strong as a lion, and active as a mouse, it is not to be wondered at that his forte is in breaking up combination – and admirable point in a centre half-back’s play.

“Abounding with an earnestness of purpose, he is a loyal club-man, and many have been glad to emulate his example. Never afraid to find the location of the goal area, he has often turned defeat into victory, and as a defender is hard to surpass. He should be a worthy successor to Alex Raisbeck.

“The very antithesis of the rolling-stone, he is nevertheless an ostentatious player, and although taking the game as serious as a judge he is a very human sort of fellow in the pavilion.”
(Source: Athletic News: May 20, 1912)

Born: October 2, 1884: Cleland, in Scotland.
Passed away: 1962: USA.

Position: Centre half-back.

Height: 179 cm. (5ft. 10½in.);
Weight: 76 kilos (12st.).
** Source: Derby Daily Telegraph: May 13, 1912.

Cleland Rangers.
Third Lanark: Signed: January 5, 1906;
** Transferred to Liverpool.
Liverpool: Signed: May 13, 1912;
* eligible for Liverpool F.C. in official matches: May 15, 1912.
** Transferred to Wishaw Thistle.
Whishaw Thistle: Signed: August 20, 1915.
Third Lanark: Signed: December 25, 1915.

Glasgow XI Select 1-0 (v. Sheffield: October 20, 1909).
Glasgow Cup Winner: 1908-09 (Third Lanark);

Scottish Referee: December 18, 1911

Liverpool Echo: December 7, 1912.



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