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“A Clydesdale colt trained on Hampden. Learned the rudiments of the game with the Hamilton Academicals, under the auld beach trees on the ducal policies. Captained the Scottish team in 1889 at the Oval, and led them to victory. Libelled by croakers as a player who can kick with one foot only, he has had to contend with difficulty. He has overcome the scruples of the crowd, and those who still think him deficient should give him the opportunity by personal application of disproving this opinion. He confesses, however, that he cannot kick with both feet at once; but this is not singular. Barnum’s pet quadruped, and a very lively animal, even fails in this particular part of its business. He has not the artistic tricks of his great partner with whom he combines. He is the heavy man of the piece, and puts in the strong, dashing work. He faces his opponents on the field in honest, open fashion; is faster than he looks, and has a stalwart figure, ornamented with full flowing locks. Hi second cap.”
(Source: Glasgow Evening Post: April 6, 1891)

Born: October 15, 1865: Dalziel, Scotland.
Passed away:

Position: Left back.

Clydesdale Colts.
Hamilton Academical.
Queens Park: Signed: July 7, 1885.
* 1888-89: 4-0 (FA Cup);
* 1889-90: 9-0 (FA Cup);
Sunderland: 1892.
* 1892-93: 23-0 (Scottish League 1); 2-0 (FA Cup).
St. Bernards. 1895.
* 1895-96: 0-0 (Scottish League 1); 1-0 (FA Cup).
Queens Park.
Hamilton Academical: Signed: March 18, 1903.
* 1902-03: 1-0 (Scottish League 1); 0-0 (FA Cup).
Queens Park: Signed: October 8, 1903.

Scotland A 6-0: (v. Ireland: February 19, 1887; v. Wales: March 10, 1888; v. England: April 13, 1889; v. England: April 4, 1891; v. Ireland: March 25, 1893; v. England: April 1, 1893).
Scotland A Trial 6-0: (March 5, 1887; February 16, 1889; March 2, 1889; March 8, 1890; March 7, 1891; v. Corinthians: March 21, 1891).

Scottish Referee: October 10, 1892.


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