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  1. Hi, I’m Thomas Porter (known as Eric). I was signed in 1969/1971 not 1970/1971. Thanks. Do you have any more information on file. I’m after Liverpool Echo photos of the team leaving for a tournament at Ajax Amsterdam in 1970 in which I played and arriving home. Can anyone help. Travelled 1/5/1970. Tournament played 2-3/5/1970

  2. Hi Thomas. We have you as a reg. ass. schoolboy with Burnley 23/5-1968 and amateur reg. with Liverpool 28/1-1970, 16/5-1970 & 25/10-1971. Is it correct? Sadly we don`t have a record for LFC junior teams for your years yet. But I see that you played left back against Burnley in 1st round of FA Youth Cup, 30/11-1970. Lost 2-0. The team that day was Tom King, Eddie Flood, Thomas Porter, David Rylands, John Higham, John Gidman, John Caslin, Derek Brownbill, Paul Johnson & Bob Johnston. Did you play for other clubs after LFC?

    • Hi Jonny, all the above is correct. I played the majority of my time at Liverpool in the A Team along side Phil Thompson. I played in the Liverpool reserve team against Sheffield Utd reserves I think in 1970 along with Ian St John and Ron Yeats. Best day of my life!
      After LFC I played for Marine AFC (Crosby Liverpool) for 2 seasons in Northern Premier League as it was then.

    • Hi again Jonny, I played in the reserves at Anfield on the Saturday afternoon against Sheffield Wednesday and we won 2-1. On the following Monday night in the Youth Cup against Burnley at Anfield again we indeed lost 2-0. We thought we’d have an easy game. I recall their right winger tormented us. I remember all the boys in that team well. Happy days (apart from the result)

      • Thank you Eric. I see that your name was reported as Fosters in newspapers. I have now corrected our Archives. Team against Sheffield United 28/11-1970: Graham Lloyd, Eddie Flood, Eric Porter, Steve Arnold, Ron Yeats, John Waddington, John Caslin, Ian StJohn, Chris Fagan, Peter Thompson & Jack Whitham. Res. Steve Marshall. Goals: Ian StJohn (25) & Jack Whitham (67).

  3. I am collecting Liverpool lineups in the youth cup. There are only 10 players in the team above. Can you help me with the missing player?

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