1. Hi, I’m Thomas Porter (known as Eric). I was signed in 1969/1971 not 1970/1971. Thanks. Do you have any more information on file. I’m after Liverpool Echo photos of the team leaving for a tournament at Ajax Amsterdam in 1970 in which I played and arriving home. Can anyone help. Travelled 1/5/1970. Tournament played 2-3/5/1970

      1. kjell, thank you so much. I lost my original newspaper photograph some years ago. Happy man! I’ll share it with my friend Hugh McAuley who was also in the squad.
        Eric Porter

  2. Hi Thomas. We have you as a reg. ass. schoolboy with Burnley 23/5-1968 and amateur reg. with Liverpool 28/1-1970, 16/5-1970 & 25/10-1971. Is it correct? Sadly we don`t have a record for LFC junior teams for your years yet. But I see that you played left back against Burnley in 1st round of FA Youth Cup, 30/11-1970. Lost 2-0. The team that day was Tom King, Eddie Flood, Thomas Porter, David Rylands, John Higham, John Gidman, John Caslin, Derek Brownbill, Paul Johnson & Bob Johnston. Did you play for other clubs after LFC?

    1. Hi Jonny, all the above is correct. I played the majority of my time at Liverpool in the A Team along side Phil Thompson. I played in the Liverpool reserve team against Sheffield Utd reserves I think in 1970 along with Ian St John and Ron Yeats. Best day of my life!
      After LFC I played for Marine AFC (Crosby Liverpool) for 2 seasons in Northern Premier League as it was then.

    2. Hi again Jonny, I played in the reserves at Anfield on the Saturday afternoon against Sheffield Wednesday and we won 2-1. On the following Monday night in the Youth Cup against Burnley at Anfield again we indeed lost 2-0. We thought we’d have an easy game. I recall their right winger tormented us. I remember all the boys in that team well. Happy days (apart from the result)

      1. Thank you Eric. I see that your name was reported as Fosters in newspapers. I have now corrected our Archives. Team against Sheffield United 28/11-1970: Graham Lloyd, Eddie Flood, Eric Porter, Steve Arnold, Ron Yeats, John Waddington, John Caslin, Ian StJohn, Chris Fagan, Peter Thompson & Jack Whitham. Res. Steve Marshall. Goals: Ian StJohn (25) & Jack Whitham (67).

  3. I am collecting Liverpool lineups in the youth cup. There are only 10 players in the team above. Can you help me with the missing player?

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