Neuchatel Xamax v Liverpool 0-0 (Friendly)

Thursday, August 13 – 1981
Match: Friendly, at La Maladiere.
Neuchatel Xamax – Liverpool 0-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 6,800.
Referee: Mr. M. Scherz (Asgerten).
Neuchatel Xamax: Karl Engel; Serge Trinchero, Peter Küffer, Rainer Hasler, Silvano Bianchi; Marc Morandi, Philippe Perret, Claude Andrey, Walter Pellegrini; Don Givens, Robert Lüethi.
Substitutions: Yvan Moret replaced Morandi at half time; Stephane Forestier replaced Andrey at half-time; Michel Lehnherr replaced Lüethi after 67 minutes; Jose-Michel Hofer replaced Trinchero after 76 minutes; and Pascal Zaugg replaced Givens after 76 minutes.
Liverpool: Bruce Grobbelaar; Phil Neal, Phil Thompson, Alan Hansen, Alan Kennedy; Terry McDermott, Sammy Lee, Ray Kennedy; Craig Johnston, Kenny Dalglish, David Johnson.
Substitutions: Ronnie Whelan replaced Craig Johnston after 62 minutes; Ian Rush replaced David Johnson after 62 minutes; Richard Money replaced Alan Kennedy after 66 minutes.

Neuchatel Xamax v LFC 1981 ad

Philippe Perret, Neuchatel Xamax.
Philippe Perret Neuchatel Xamax

Gilbert Gress, manager/trainer, Neuchatel Xamax.
Gilbert Gress manager Neuchatel Xamax

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