Bombshell from Bob Paisley

Friday, January 1 – 1982
Liverpool manager Bob Paisley dropped a bombshell yesterday by taking the captaincy from Phil Thompson and handing it to Graeme Souness for today’s FA Cup tie at Swansea.

Paisley says: “You have to explore every avenue and I’m taking the captaincy off Phil to see if it helps both him and the team. He’s been having a bad time and I hope he can pull through.”

Thompson said: “It’s something I’m not happy about and, without wanting to sound big-headed, I still think I’m the best man for the job.
“But the boss and I have come to an agreement over it. The most important is Liverpool F.C. and I hope I’ll be captain again some time in the future.”

Thompson, England’s vice-captain, loses the leadership as Paisley bids to shake up his European champions, who have won only six of their 17 League games this season.
(Daily Express, 02-01-1982)

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