Home rule given the boot

Friday, June 1 – 1984
Liverpool will be the last club to fight for the European Cup on their opponents’ ground. As Liverpool returned home in triump yesterday, new rules were being drawn up for next season by UEFA officials.

The choice of venue will now be decided after the early rounds. But if the city chosen to stage the final is involved, the match will be switched to another city in the same country.

A repeat of Liverpool’s 1978 final against Bruges at Wembley would still be possible under the new ruling, but Tottenham or Arsenal would have to go to Old Trafford or some other ground than Wembley.

Wednesday’s Final became almost a Roma rather than a UEFA occasion. They had 60,000 of the 69,000 fans in the Olympic Stadium, where Roma stage their Italian League fixtures. And that meant that Liverpool’s victory was as much a triumph of temperament as of football.

UEFA will also look again at the penalty shoot-out system, though it is difficult to see any other solution. Alan Kennedy, whose penalty kicked Liverpool into history said last night: “I was confident, but a final shouldn’t be settled that way. It is unfair.”

But Liverpool deserved to win for sso many reasons. They have blazed a magnificent trail across Europa this season, winning the away legs in every tie that mattered.

And then to be forced to play the Final on the opposition’s home ground with its attendant atmosphere, demanded courage and endurance quite outside the capabilities of most clubs in Europe, let alone England.
(Daily Express, 01-06-1984)

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