Italians go wild for super Souness

Monday, June 11 – 1984
Graeme Souness stopped the traffic in the main street here last night as the busy Italian seaport gave him an emphatic reception. As more than 2,000 fans chanted his name the Liverpool skipper stood on a balcony with a Sampdoria scarf around his neck and a three-year contract in his pocket that set him up for life after his £650,000 transfer to the Italian First Division club.

The contract is worth £150,000 a year to the 31-year-old Souness, who said: “Frankly I’m choked and not only because this is the saddest – as well as the most momentous decision I have ever made.

Graeme Souness 1

“I can’t forget six and a half happy years at Liverpool just like that and I don’t pretend that the reason I’ve left is not mainly money.”

Graeme’s beautiful, blonde wife, Danielle, who accompanied him needs to become a tax exile to protect an inheritance.

But Souness insists the move isn’t all about money, adding: “I’m leaving the best club in Europe but Italy is a focal point of world football. It will be a marvellous experience playing here.”
(Daily Express, 12-06-1984)

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