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About Jimmy McDougall:
“He’s a quiet, unassuming type of player, though his tackles are invariable keen and determined, but he does so much clever work without any frills and fripperies that you can overlook his great worth to the side. A real artist with the ball, and a great initiator.”
(Derby Daily Telegraph: October 28, 1929)

Born: January 23, 1904: Port Glasgow (Renfrewshire), in Scotland.
Passed away: July 3, 1984: Liverpool, England.

Position: Inside left, or left half.

Height: 178cm. (5ft. 10½in.);
Weight: 74 kilos (11st. 8lb.).

Port Glasgow Athletic.
Partick Thistle: Signed: January 21, 1925.
Liverpool: Signed: April 26, 1928.
South Liverpool.

Scotland A 2-0: (v. Austria: May 16, 1931; v. Italy: May 20, 1931).

Dundee Evening Telegraph: January 7, 1932.

Derby Daily Telegraph: November 21, 1932.

Liverpool Echo: October 3, 1936.

Liverpool Echo: October 4, 1984.


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