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About Arthur Riley:
“Arthur Riley belongs to the South African colonial tourists, several of whom were persuaded to return to England as professionals after their tour of 1925. He played for the East Nan Proprietorial Mines club in Africa, and his ability is best gauged because he causes Elisha Scott to take a back seat. He’s big, wonderfully alert, has remarkable hands, and is always doing something spectacular.”
(Source: Derby Daily Telegraph: October 18, 1929)

Born: December 26, 1903: Boksburg, in South Africa.
Passed away: July, 1984: Cape Town, in South Africa.
** Some sources claim he passed away in St. Helens, Lancashire.

Position: Goalkeeper.

Height: (6ft. 1½in.);
Weight: (12st. 10lb.).
** Source: Liverpool Echo: August 28, 1937.

East Rand Protectorate Mines F.C.
Liverpool: Signed: August 18, 1925.

From private collection.

The Athletic News, August 24 – 1925.


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