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Born: February 13, 1903: Widnes (Lancashire), England.
Passed away: April 2, 1985: Christchurch, New Zealand.

Position: Outside right.

Height: (5ft. 7½in.);
Weight: (10st.).
* Source: Liverpool Echo: Athletic News: November 13, 1922.

Liverpool: Signed amateur forms: October, 1922.
* Signed professional: November 9, 1922.
Clyde: Signed: May 6, 1925.
** Transferred to Glasgow Rangers.
Glasgow Rangers: Signed: October 30, 1925.
** Transferred to Clyde.
Clyde: Signed: April 28, 1926.

Sunday Post: March 7, 1926.

Sunday Post: August 15, 1926 (Thomas Malone in the middle).



  1. My father tom Malone was born in Widnes Lancashire on 13th Feb 1903 and died in Christchurch n.z. on April 2nd 1985. Margaret Longden (nee Malone)

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