World ban on English football clubs

Thursday, June 6 – 1985
A world football ban was slapped on English clubs last night because of the Brussels outrage. It covers international club competitions, and friendly games. The ban was announced by football’s world controlling body, FIFA, in Zurich.

But it will not apply to England’s national team, which played against Italy in Mexico last night.

On Sunday Europe’s controlling body, UEFA, announced an indefinite ban on English clubs.

Yesterday in the Commons, Mrs Thatcher, said she fully understood FIF’a decision. She said: “I hope we shall be able to take steps which will restore our good name at home and overseas.”

But FA secretary, Ted Croker, described the ban as “totally unreasonable.”

FIFA’s general secretary, Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter, said: “We have the duty and the responsibility to do everything to improve the image of football.”

It was clear that in Brussels the security precautions, taking into account “the well-known hooliganism of English fans.”

The ban does not affect Football League and FA Cup games between English club and the four Welsh teams in the league, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and Wrexham.

But it will stop English team playing against other Welsh sides and all clubs from Scotland and Ireland.

Liverpool’s chairman, John Smith, said: “It’s a very sad for English football. I thought the actions by UEFA was sufficient. We did not expect this vicious move from FIFA.”

UEFA was reported yesterday to be planning sanctions against the Italian club Juventus and the Belgian football authorities as well as Liverpool.

Thirty-eight people died and 454 were injured when Liverpool fans charged Juventus supporters in the Heysel stadium, Brussels, on May 29.
(Copyright, Daily Express, 07-06-1985)

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