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“Nicknamed ‘Tiny’ on account of his size. Added backbone to the Anfield side when he came from Bury. Great exponent of the third back game. Works the ball in remarkably little space. Loves the crowds but is also fond of a quiet corner and a book – preferably a thriller.”
(Sheffield Independent, March 20 – 1937).

Born: February 7, 1904: Bishopton, in England.
Passed away: February 22, 1986: Monksland Hospital, Coatbridge, in England.

Nick-name: ‘Tiny’.

Position: Centre half.

Height: 188 cm (6ft. 2in.).
Weight: 83 kilos (13st. 1lbs.).

Woodside Juniors,
Bury: July, 1922.
Liverpool: Signed: January 24, 1930.
** Transfer listed.
Third Lanark: Signed: September 5, 1938.
** Transferred to South Liverpool.
South Liverpool: Signed: July 18, 1939.

Scotland A 1-0 (v. England: March 31, 1928).

Image from The Valley and Charlton v Liverpool on 5 September, 1936. Bradshaw, Cooper and Hobson.
Bradshaw and Cooper

Derby Daily Telegraph: November 18, 1932.
Tiny Bradshaw 1932

Dundee Courier: December 15, 1938.
Tom Bradshaw 1938

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