Anfield double champs in £2m bonanza

Monday, July 28 – 1986
Double winners Liverpool’s wages of glory were revealed yesterday as a staggering £2,2 million. Sixteen players earned more than £60,000 and four topped the £100,000 mark.Their earnings, revaled in the club’s accounts, pushed Anfield’s wage bill for the year to its highest ever – more than £220,000 up on last season.

The highest paid member of the squad received between £130,000 and £135,000. The four six-figure earners almost certainly includes player-manager Kenny Dalglish and star striker Ian Rush, who was sold to Italian giants Juventus for £3 million but could continue at Anfield on loan for the coming season.

While Liverpool continue to make money Swansea City, relegated to the Fourth Division, and in danger of being wound-up last December with debts of more than £2 milllion, heard they could carry on.

A High Court judge approved a deal which wipes their slate clean on payment of £450,000 to creditors.
(Copyright: Daily Express, 29-07-1986)

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