Liverpool trail Matt

Friday, May 11 – 1990
Liverpool have earmarked Southampton’s Matthew Le Tissier as the man they want to replace “Footballer of the Year” John Barnes. Le Tissier, the 21-year-old Channel Islander, has been receiving the closest scrutiny this season from Anfield’s army of men in the field. Those scouting reports have unanimously suggested Le Tissier is a player who could dazzle Merseyside just as effectively as Barnes has done.

Matt Le Tissier

Liverpool’s new chairman Noel White indicated yesterday that manager Kenny Dalglish will be asked to do all he can to keep Barnes at Anfield. But such is the manager’s thoroughness that he is not taking any risks on Barnes’ ultimate decision when his contract expires next season.

Liverpool believe that they can do for Le Tissier what they did for Barnes once he left a smaller club to join the champions. Ironically, Le Tissier was voted “Young Player of the Year” by his own PFA this season, with Barnes collecting the senior trophy.
(Daily Express, 11-05-1990)

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