It will be hell for Tony Adams

Thursday, December 20 – 1990
Jan Mølby has a simple message for Tony Adams as he begins months of hell in prison: Come out determined to show you’re a great footballer. Liverpool’s big Dane served six weeks sentence for drink-driving two years ago and admits the experience scarred him for life.

1990 Jan Molby

He has just written a compelling autobiography in his native Denmark – and the first chapter describes Mølby’s horrendous ordeal in jail.

Mølby says: “At first I was put in an open prison at Kirkham. But I was soon provoked by other inmates when they discovered I was a famous footballer and I was moved for security reasons.

“They moved me to Preston, along with murderers and rapists and other serious offenders.
“I had a cell to myself and spent 23 hours a day in there with no-one to talk to. The bucket was only emptied once every 24 hours so the stench was awful.
“There were 10 minutes a day to shave and 40 minutes exercising in the yard. That’s all.
“The food was often uneatable, worse than you’d give to a dog. I suppose one good thing was that it helped me lose four stones in weight.”

But Mølby says the long hours alone gave him time to reflect on his life – and to inspire him to come back a better person for the ordeal.

He says: “I sat alone in Cell No 32 and thought for hours about what I was going to do when I got out.
“Would there be a place for me at Liverpool? Kenny Dalglish is a good friend and I knew he’d do all he could to keep me at Anfield.
“I steeled myself to face up to what had happened, and I went over and over in my mind about the incident that caused the problem.
“I told myself it was a mistake that must not ruin the rest of my life. I had to come out and prove I was a great footballer.

1990 Tony Adams 2

“I thought of the shame I had brought on my family. I was determined to come out and put things right, show I could be respected again.
“The greatest help to me was messages of support from fans and colleagues. It’s impossible to say how important that was.”

Mølby was jailed for three months but was let out six weeks early for good behaviour. If the precedent is followed Adams could be released in two months.

1990 Tony Adams 1
(Daily Express, 20-12-1990)

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