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“Fagan is a ball player of the crafty Scottish type, an effective connecting link between the attack and the half-back line, and a man who can sum up the needs of a situation in the twinkling of an eye. Maybe these days he doesn’t always keep up his first hour’s pace in the last thirty minutes of every game, but his value to the side in the first hour outweighs any slight falling-off there may be in aggressiveness in the later stages. There are few better creators of scoring opportunities for others than Fagan. He can hold the ball, juggle with it if needs be, and then slip it through to the right spot at the psychological moment. He is strong in his tackling, and equally strong to withstand the challenge of opposing defenders. He has the weight and physique to battle it out with the sternest opponents, and is one of the most difficult of men to disposes. In his younger days Willie used occasionally to overdo his dribbling act. Sticking out his stern aggressively, he walzed round so often that the chance of gaining ground quickly was lost. To-day he models his play on much more effective team lines, and has sunk his individuality to a large extent in the desire to make the bullets for others to fire. He can fire them himself well enough, however, when the opportunity is there. He has a strong shot, is usually dead on the target, and rarely wastes a chance of testing the goalkeeper. As a worker, a schemer, and an ideal club man, Fagan is filling the bill admirably at Anfield these days. He combines artistry with effectiveness, and, if he has to take an occasional breather when the going is particularly hectic, well, he isn’t alone in that.” (Liverpool Echo: October 29, 1949)

Born: February 20, 1917: Musselburgh, in Scotland.
Passed away: February 29, 1992: Wellingborough, in England.

Position: Inside right, also inside left; right half towards the end of his career.

Height: 178 cm.
Weight: 76 kg.

Balgona Scotia.
Wellesley: Signed: March, 1934.
Celtic: Signed: June 12, 1934.
** Transferred to Preston North End for £6,000.
Preston North End: Signed: October 14, 1936.
** Transferred to Liverpool for £8,000.
Liverpool: Signed: October 22, 1937.
* War time guest: Leicester City, 1940-41
* War time guest: Northampton, 1941-42.
* War time guest: Celtic, 1941-42.
* War time guest: Chelsea, 1943.
* War time guest: Aldershot Town: August, 1944.
* War time guest: Derby County, May 1945.
Player Manager: Distillery: Appointed: January 4, 1952.
* Transfer listed: March, 1952.
Player Manager: Weymouth: Appointed: July 16, 1952.

Evening Telegraph: April 27, 1936.

Dundee Courier: March 25, 1950.

Willie Fagan

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