Aston Villa Reserves v Liverpool Reserves 2-1 (League match: April 24, 1993)

April 24, 1993
Match: Central League, at Walsall, kick-off: 14:00.
Aston Villa Reserves – Liverpool Reserves 2-1.
Referee: Mr P.A. Elwick; linesmen: Messrs J.W. Drew and R.J. Evans; reserve official: Mr R. Till.
Aston Villa: Nigel Spink, Bryan Small, Mark Blake, Ugo Ehiogu, Neil Cox, Henrik Larsen, Stefan Beinlich, Martin Carruthers, Matthias Breitkreutz, David Farrell.
Subs.: Richard Crisp, Neil Davis.
Liverpool: Mike Hooper, Scott Patterson, Steve Harkness, Ashley Neal, Torben Piechnik, Sammy Lee, Ian Frodsham, Jamie Redknapp, Robbie Fowler, Ronny Rosenthal, Dominic Matteo.
Substitutions: Lee Jones for Fowler after ?? min.; Tony Cousins for Rosenthal after ?? min.
The goals: Rosenthal


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