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About Matt Busby:
“Matt is a beautiful stylist at half back. He is one of the best trappers of the ball the game has known, because he ‘kills’ the ball dead, yet when it suits him he can ‘kill’ the ball and proceed to propel it with one and the same notion. He began football life in England as an inside forward, but was not successful till he took up the half-back role.” (Liverpool Echo: March 12, 1936)

Born: May 26, 1909: Orbiston, Bellshill, in Scotland.
Passed away: January 20, 1994: in Cheadle, in England.

Position: Half back.


Denny Hibs, 1927.
* Can be found in match reports from August, 1927 on-wards.
Manchester City: Signed: February 11, 1928.
** Transferred to Liverpool for £8,000.
Liverpool: Signed: March 12, 1936.
** War time guest, Chelsea.
** War time guest, Middlesbrough.
** War time guest, Hibernian: Signed: September 11, 1941.
** War time guest, Reading.
** War time guest, Brentford.
** War time guest, Bournemouth & Boscombe.
* Appointed assistant coach: Liverpool: May, 1944.
Manager: Manchester United: Appointed: February 19, 1945.

Scotland A: October 4, 1933 v Wales (Manchester City);
Scottish League: October 11, 1941 v English League (Hibernian);
Scotland A: January 17, 1942 v England (Liverpool);
Scotland A: April 18, 1942 v England (Liverpool);
Scotland A: October 10, 1942 v England (Liverpool);
Scotland A: February 19, 1944 v England (Liverpool);
Scotland A: April 22, 1944 v England (Liverpool);
Scotland A: February 3, 1945 v England (Liverpool);
Scotland A: April 14, 1945 v England (Liverpool).

Dundee Courier, 12-03-1936.
Matt Busby 1936

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