Ray Hamblett spreads the TV news gospel

August 11, 1994
Top-level talks were under way today into plans to turn Merseyside into a satellite capital of Europe. Liverpool-born Ray Hamblett, now boss of a US communications company, returned to the city to discuss the next stage in the plans.
Mr. Hamblett, chairman of Telecommunications Technology International, was meeting officials of the European News Service who are launching a major operation based in the Port of Liverpool Building at the Pier head.

ENS plan to beam TV pictures from all over Europe and America across the Atlantic using satellite technology.

The scheme has been welcomed by Allerton-born Mr. Hablett, a teenage player with Liverpool F.C.

He helped establish the world’s first telephone system to enable American soldiers to phone home from the battlefields in the Gulf War.

“Liverpool is on the threshold of a technological revolution that is already taking place in America.

“I want to discuss various ways in which our company and ENS can work together,” Mr. Hamblett said.

“We had already arranged talks with officials from the development agencies on Merseyside to discuss setting up a base in this area when we heard about European News Service.

“There is no doubt that the operation envisaged by ENS will be a huge success.”

Atlanta-based TTI won a contract with the UN to set up a series of phone boxes to enable soldiers taking part in Desert Storm to call their wives and sweethearts from the war zones.

The company is now using its satellite know-how to enable phone links to be made internally in Bosnia.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 11, 1994; via http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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