Aston Villa Reserves v Liverpool Reserves 4-1 (League match: December 11, 1997)

December 11, 1997
Match: Pontins League, at Villa Park, kick-off: 19:00.
Aston Villa Reserves – Liverpool Reserves 4-1.
Referee: Mr S.J. French; linesmen: Messrs G.A. Aston and P.N. Gibbs; standby official: Mr. A. Dewfield.
Aston Villa: Adam Rachel, Ben Petty, Tommy Jaszczun, Lee Collins, Riccardo Scimeca, David Hughes, Alan Kirby, Lee Hendrie, Richard Walker, Darren Byfield, Neil Davis.
Subs.: Alan Lee, Aaron Lescott, Leslie Hines.
Liverpool: Tony Warner, Rob Jones, Gareth Roberts, Knut Henry Haraldsen, Eddie Turkington, Michael Thomas, Nicky Rizzo, Danny Murphy, Neil Harris, Eirik Bakke, Mark Kennedy.
Substitutions: Niall Byrne for ???.
Subs.: Tom Culshaw, Jørgen Nielsen, Phil Brazier, Danny Williams, Sean Friars.
The goals: Byrne (80 min.).


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