Northampton Football Club: 1914-15

Registered players for Northampton Town Football Club, season 1914-15:
Arthur Allibone,
Sydney G. Basson,
Benjamin Bellamy,
George Bliss,
Ernest Churchman,
Bertram Cleaver,
Fred Clipstone,
Lloyd Davies,
Oscar Elderton,
Merton Ellson,
Arthur Evans,
Horace H. Foxon,
Edwin Freeman,
Leonard Hawten,
Charles Henley,
Alfred Howe,
Robert Hughes,
Wallace K. Judge,
Frank Langhan,
George F. Lessons,
Harry Lewin,
Raymond Lucas,
John Manning,
Arthur B. Masters,
Fred Old,
Thomas Rawson,
Harold A. Redhead,
John K. Robinson,
Charles H. Smith,
Harry Smith,
William Joseph Smith,
Walter Summerley,
Thomas Thorpe,
William Tilt,
Eric F. Tomkins,
Walter D. Tull,
Oswald R. Turland,
George Whitworth,
Alfred Wykes.
(Source: The Southern League Season book 1914-15)

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