Portsmouth Football Club: 1914-15

Registered players for Portsmouth Football Club, season 1914-15:
George Arnold,
Shirley Abbott,
Joseph Armstrong,
Henry Buddery,
Martin P. Donagher,
William Dryden,
Thomas Gray,
John Harwood,
James A. Hogg,
William E. James,
Arthur E. Knight,
John Marsh,
F.A. Matthews,
Patrick O’Hara,
John O’Hara,
Herbert T. Priestley,
A.F. Powell,
Herbert Powell,
Joseph Quinn,
Peter Stemp,
Frank Stringfellow,
George W. Seymour,
W.T. Turner,
Joseph Turner,
Ernest Thompson,
Solomon Upton,
John Warner,
James Walls.
(Source: The Southern League Season book 1914-15)

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