Sunderland Reserves v Liverpool Reserves 2-1 (League match: April 18, 2002)

April 18, 2002
Match: Premiership Reserve League, at Sunderland, kick-off: 19:00.
Sunderland Reserves – Liverpool Reserves 2-1.
Referee: Mr. B.G. Sygmuta; assistant referees: Messrs. I.M. Fox and M.A. Hughes; Fourth Official: Mr. W. Black.
Sunderland Reserves: Michael Ingham, Simon Ramsden, Craig James, Emerson Thome, Clifford Byrne, Nicolas Medina, David Bellion, Chris Black, Kevin Kyle, Chris Brown, Ritchie Ryan.
Substitutes: Mark Rossiter, Jon Kennedy, Neil Teggart, Stephen Capper, Keith Graydon.
Liverpool Reserves: Pegguy Arphexad, Stephen Vaughan, Alan Coupe, David Raven, Stephen Warnock, Gregory Vignal, Ritchie Partridge, David Mannix, Neil Mellor, Milan Baros, Neil Prince.
Substitution: Darren Potter for Mannix after 78 min.
Subs not used: Mathew Parry, Andrew Nicholas, Mark Peers, Stephen Gillespie.
The goals: Mellor (44 min.).

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