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Credit to Jan, Gill, Trish and Peter Clemenson for the information about Ken Clemenson.

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About Ken Clemenson:

Born: October 1, 1930: in Dunfermline, in Scotland.
Passed away: February 15, 2005: in Manchester, in England.

Position: Centre forward.


Cowdenbeath Violets.
Wellwood Boys Club.
Kelty Burnside Rovers.
Liverpool: Signed, November, 1949.
** Granted “Free Transfer”: May 7, 1951.


The images below are credited to the family of Ken Clemenson – Jan, Gill, Trish and Peter Clemenson.
Ken Clemenson I Ken Clemenson II Ken Clemenson III Ken Clemenson IV Ken Clemenson V

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  1. Clemenson played center forward and scored 2 goals when Liverpool “B” beat Burscough res. 7-2, away, 9th September 1950. (From Ormskirk Libary)

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