Thommo heads for the local with the European Cup trophy

Wednesday, May 25 – 2005
After lifting the European Cup aloft as captain in 1981, Phil Thompson tossed it into the boot of his old Ford Capri and headed for his local. Thompson stunned the drinkers at The Falcon pub near his home in Kirkby after the traditional open-top bus tour of the city.

He recalled: “After going on the tour around the city, I threw the European Cup in the boot of my car – a Ford Capri.

I drove to Kirkby and went to The Falcon, where I used to run the Sunday League football team.
I then took the cup to the pub. Imagine that being allowed to happen now! But it wasn’t as though I had pinched it – there was a reason.

After we had won the League Cup that year, club secretary Peter Robinson rollicked me for leaving it on the bus.
He told me that it was my responsibility to look after it as I was the captain.
He told me I should have taken it home. So when we won the European Cup I didn’t need telling twice – and in my boot it went!

When I got to The Falcon, we moved all the pub team trophies to one side and put the European Cup in pride of place behind the bar after everyone had held it.
There were no mobile phones then and everyone was queuing up at the pub payphone to ring around and tell their mates to come down and see the European Cup.

The next morning, I was woken up by Peter Robinson asking where the cup was.
The reason was because it was needed at a press conference at Anfield.
Thankfully, even though I was bleary-eyed, I had remembered to take it home with me.”
(Daily Express, 25-05-2005)

Phil Thompson Paris II

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