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“Shannon, a Liverpudlian of Irish ancestry and a joiner by original trade, is, of course, a more thoughtful and less galvanic wing-half than most and in consequence he is frequently a move ahead of his opponent where a more frenzied chase-the-ball player might be a yard behind. That is to say he is at least as much concerned with where the ball is likely to be next as to where it is at any precise moment. It is this deliberate attempt to think ahead, plus an uncanny instinct, which accounts for his highly – developed positional sense and enables him to pop up, as it were, from nowhere at the right place at the right time. It would be wrong, however, to classify Shannon either as an essentially defensive or an essentially attacking wing-half. He combines both duties well. In any situation he is a constructive rather than a purely destructive player and it is, I suppose, in his deft use of the ball for attacking purposes that his value to the Burnley scheme of things is most pronounced. He moves the ball forward with a fine accuracy; and he will move himself forward, too, when need be, with a sharpness which is quick to exploit any suddenly-exposed chink in the opposition defences. “
(Source: Nelson Leader: August 29, 1958)

Born: March 12, 1926: Liverpool, England.
Passed away: December 2, 2007: Leighton Buzzard, England.

Position: Wing-half.

Height: 173cm. (5ft. 8in.);
Weight: 66 kilos (10st. 6lb.).
* Source: Nelson Leader: August 29, 1958.

Everton Youth: 1941.
Liverpool Youth: 1942.
Liverpool: Signed: November, 1944.
** Transferred to Burnley for £6,000.
Burnley: Signed: November 2, 1949.
** Retired during the 1958-59 season.
Coach: Barrowford J.E.I.: 1958.
Coach: Everton: Appointed: August 14, 1959.
Assistant manager: Arsenal: 1962.
Manager: Bury: Appointed: July 11, 1966.
Manager: Blackpool: Appointed: May 29, 1969.
** Left his position: October 26, 1970.
Coach: PAOK: Appointed: 1971.
Coach: Iraklis Thessaloniki: Appointed: 1975.
Coach: Olympiacos: Appointed: 1976.
Coach: Panachaiki: Appointed: 1978.
Coach: OFI Crete: Appointed: 1979.
Coach: Brann, Bergen: Appointed: 1980.
Coach: OFI Crete: Appointed: 1982.
Coach: Egaleo: Appointed: 1984.
Scout: Luton Town: Appointed: 1986.
** Retired 2001.

Did you know?
“Les Shannon’s knowledge of football led to his working alongside Pelé in co-ordinating the football sequences of the 1981 war movie Escape to Victory.”

Les Shannon, Burnley F.C.


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