Unpleasant experience for Referee Mr. T. Kirkham

Thursday, September 18 ā€“ 1902
Last week, in coming to the Sunderland v. Liverpool match on Friday night, the match referee, Mr. T. Kirkham had an unpleasant experience.He got in company with some soldiers returned from the front, and for a start they were jolly enough, but eventually grew quarrelsome among themselves, and not only got to words but to blows. Mr. Kirkham did not seriously object to either, but when knives were produced he thought it was quite possible a thrust might come his way, and, not wishing the football world to be deprived of an efficient referee, he pulled the communication cord, which, for a wonder, acted, and bloodshed was avoided.
(Sunderland Daily Echo, 18-09-1902)

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