– They should all wear either red or white

February 9, 1901
The present rule as to colours worn by football teams – by which those who have worn them the longest should have the preference – has worked fairly well, but it always casuses confusion, and the clubs which have to change are often seriously hampered. Men, not being able to note the colours they are wearing, are apt to forget for the moment which are their own friends. Cases in point could be given in which firstclass players have passed the ball to opponents in most dangerous positions under the impression that they were on the same side because they were in the colours usually worn by the. It has been suggested that the change should work all around, and that a club when give up on one ground should have the choice on the other, whilst one suggestion made is that every club wearing dark jerseys should be supplied with a set of light ones (and vice-versa), and that visitors who play in colours liable to be mistaken, should be compelled by rule to change. One gentleman suggests that every team should have a set of red and a set of white jerseys, and should always play at home in red and away in white. This would overcome some of the difficulties, and keep spectators clear as to the home and visiting players, but we are ruled more largely by sentiment than some imagine, and this change is hardly likely to be accepted.
(Manchester Evening News: February 9, 1901)

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