The answer to Quiz 1

A little while back I asked

Which Liverpool player scored the first goal for Liverpool F.C. within the city of Liverpool?

Around 30 different alternatives was given, and a clue with the picture of the player and a brave message claiming 99% would not get this one correct.

Most people went with Malcolm McVean who scored the 1-0 goal for LFC on Sept 1, 1892. The only problem was that Anfield in 1892 was not within the city borders of Liverpool. It was on November 9, 1895 that Anfield, Walton became part of Greater Liverpool, and on that day Leicester Fosse visited Anfield for a League match in 2nd Division. Liverpool winning 3-1.

The first ever goal in Liverpool city by a Liverpool player came 20 minutes after kick off when: – “Ross, fed by McQue, led up an attack and being tackled crossed to Hannah, whose return was nicely met by Geary, and headed into the net.”

So correct answer was FRED GEARY.

Out of 17 answers, only 1 was correct – which is 5%, so bad of me saying 99% would fail.

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