A historic problem sorted

During WW1 Liverpool used a player named Waine in many matches. Book sources have claimed his name was Jack Waine. By going through numerous editions of Liverpool Echo I can now say that his first name was not Jack, but Robert. Firstly I found his initial in a line up – R. Waine. Another clue was the Army unit he served in as a private – Kings Shropshire Light Infantry (KSLI). By going through army list a fellow historian helped me find out the only Private Waine there was a Robert Waine.

Another historic problem solved.

Thanks George!


  1. Hi, Just a comment, as far as I am aware my grandfather Robert Waine (Bobby) was not in the army. Maybe the confusion could be is that he had a son (my Uncle) Robert who was a private in the second World War but I thought he was in the Durham Light Infantry. Just before the war my Uncle Bob signed for New Brighton FC so was a footballer (goalkeeper) so I’m sure he would have played for the army at some time. Unfortunately after the war his football career did not carry on.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      I found this note in Liverpool Echo for May 8 – 1918. I have not added it to the website yet.

      Waine’s Success at Pembroke Dock.
      An old reader writes from Pembroke to inform me that Waine, the popular Liverpool winger, has not been long in the Army, before making a fresh reputation for himself. He is at present in the 4th (Res.) K.S.L.I., and last Saturday played for an Army XI. V. The Docks, at Pembroke Dock. The soldiers were «all over» the dockers, and trounced them to the tune of 4-0. Waine played a fine game, and delighted the crowd with some clever runs and very pretty football, and it is almost needless to say the quickness and ease with which he eluded opponents was at time quite amusing.



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