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Born: October 30, 1929: Salford, Lancashire, England.
Passed away: July 8, 2013.



Ellesmere Port.
Everton: Signed: 1948.
** Transferred to Aston Villa for £22,000.
Aston Villa: Signed: September 2, 1955.
** Transferred to Huddersfield Town for £16,000.
Huddersfield Town: Signed: November 23, 1955.
** Transferred to Everton for £6,500.
Everton: Signed: 1957.
** Transferred to Liverpool for £12,000.
Liverpool: Signed: November 6, 1959.
Cambridge City: Signed: 1961.
Bury: Signed: 1961.
Tranmere Rovers: Signed: 1962.
Player-Manager: Ballymena United: Appointed: 1963.
Player-Manager: Ellesmere Port Town.
Player-Manager: Fleetwood: February, 1967.
Manager: Ballymena United: Appointed: August, 1967.
Manager: Bangor: Appointed: January, 1968.
Manager: Ellesmere Port Town.
Manager: Cadbury: 1977.

Dave Hickson, 1955, from the collection of James Cotton.
Dave Hickson 1955 JC

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