This website is one-year old today – Thank you for your support!

A few minutes past midnight I received a message from WordPress telling me that one year ago I added my first article on

A year on and I have added another 3,409 historical articles about Liverpool Football Club, or something connected to the football club.

So far the website has been viewed 49,888 times, which I think is quite remarkable. People from almost all over the world has visited, and some left behind well wishes and nice comments.

My best month so far was May this year with over 8,000 views. On average there are 4,000 views a months. The first six months of last year I had on average 100 unique visitors a day. The first six months of this  year it is 170. That makes me proud.

A map of my visitors and views:
website one year

What is my goal? Just to keep on adding content and try to bring the colours alive in the black and white pictures from 120 years ago. I can only do that with your help.

Thanks again for visiting and spending your time on these pages, and remember you are always welcome back. Us Livers never walk alone!

Liverpool, Bootle and Everton in 1892 in colour.
Mersey football 1892


  1. Hi Kjell,

    I think you are doing a fantastic job! I work for the club as a Tour Guide, and find these newspaper articles absolutely fascinating. Keep up the good work.


    Ray Hughes

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