The Mudlarkers and the Scarlet Runners

Our club’s nicknames’ over the years.

I just wanted to share some of the nick names I have discovered being used for Liverpool F.C. over the years. Today “the Reds” is a well-established nick name, first time being used in newspaper reports in late 1896.

After the foundation in 1892 and up until the summer of 1896 two names were used by media describing Liverpool. The first was “the Blue and Whites”, based on the shirts (same as Blackburn Rovers today but most likely with a more light bluish version). Also “the Team of Macs” are known, because of all the Scottish players brought down over the first few seasons. Another nick name saw daylight during the 1893/94 season. Liverpool dug out victories in bad weather and on bad pitches, and local media name them “the Mudlarkers”.

During the summer of 1896 Liverpool changed their home shirts from the blue and white quarters to red shirts, and it didn’t take long before “the Reds” were adapted, but before that local media named the new heroes “the Scarlet runners” (a shade of red). I have only seen Scarlet Runners used during the 1896/97 season. From then “the Reds” took over. Another nick name appeared at the turn of the century, simply “the Livers”.

I can also mention that local media called our left flank “the Busy Bees” when Frank Becton and Harry Bradshaw partnered up.



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