I need your help, please

Ah, it is nothing serious, but a “cry” for help to get more articles available for you all. As you know most of the articles here are transcribed from the British Newspaper Archives. They are an online service that digitalise old newspaper and make them available online.

The BNA archives update their archives daily, but sometimes it can take forever to wait for the right newspapers. Now they have started a vote on what newspapers should be added next, and here is what I need your help for.

By clicking on this link you will get 10 votes. If you can give 3 votes for “Athletic News” and/or 3 votes for “The Cricket and Football Field” I would be very happy. If any, or both, of these papers are added to the BNA archives it will be loads more old LFC articles to be added.

My own votes went like this:
3 x Athletic News.
3 x Cricket and Football Field.
3 x Scottish Sport.
1 x Sportsman.

I really hope you can help voting. Thanks in advance!!!



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