Is this the land the football ground was build upon?

This week I came across a small ad in the Liverpool Mercury for 7 May, 1852. The note tells about sale of land up at Anfield. Four different lots are up for sale. I believe “lot 4” might be a reference to the ground where the football stadium is today.

Plot 4 reads:
“All that Field or Close of LAND, situate on the east of Walton-breck-road, and west side of Anfield-lane, being of an angular form, and known by the name of “Front Field,” containing 1 a. 3 r. 14 p. stature measure, more or less.”

Anfield 1852


  1. Kjell, it’s unlikely that lot 4 is the whole site of Anfield but maybe part of it. As stated in the advertisement the plot measures 1a 3r 14p which means 1 acre 3 roods 14 perches. 1 acre=4 roods 40 perches=1 rood therefore the plot measures approximately 1.83 acres which is barely enough for a small pitch never mind for a ground as well.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the comment. It might be the part of Anfield that John Houlding & co had to rent from Orrell from 1893 onwards. I believe this to be part of where the main stand is today and in the direction of the Anfield Road stand.


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