Autographs of Liverpool F.C.’s pioneer players

Here you will find the signatures of old Liverpool players, directors and managers that I have found on They are from the 1911 Census and also contain the address where they were living at the time.

John Houlding

John Houlding (from the Everton Collection):
John Houlding signature

William Barclay (from the Everton Collection):
William Barclay signature

Thomas Wyllie:
Thomas Wyllie signature

William McCann:
Signature Bill McCann

Matthew McQueen:
Matthew McQueen signature

Alex Rennie:
Alex Rennie signature

Tom Watson (manager):
Tom Watson signature

Abe Foxall:
Abe Foxall signature

Charles Satterthwaite:
Charles Satterthwaite signature

James Gorman:
James Gorman signature

Percy Saul:
Signature Percy Saul

John Carlin:
Signature John Carlin

Sam Hardy:
Signature Sam Hardy

William Connell (trainer):
Billy Connell signature

Ronald Orr:
Signature Ronald Orr

Mike Griffin:
Signature Mike Griffin

Bertram Goode:
Signature Bertam Goode

Robert Blanthorne:
Robert Blanthorne signature

James Bradley:
James Bradley signature

Arthur Goddard:
Arthur Goddard signature

Samuel Gilligan:
Samuel Gilligan signature

Joe Brough:
Joe Brough signature

Samuel Bowyer:
Sam Bowyer signature

Harry Lowe:
Harry Lowe signature

Ephraim Longworth:
Eph Longworth signature

Harry Lowe:
Henry Charles Lowe signature

Phil Bratley:
Phil Bratley signature

Joe Donnachie:
Joe Donnachie signature

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