Let products from Nina keep you warm this winter

Through my connection with social media and my deep love for Liverpool F.C. I come across many types of people. Fans like me, with a passionate interest for our clubs history, and then other types of fans. Let me present to you Nina Babsy Løyning, and tell you more about how she can keep you warm this winter.

Nina’s passion beside Liverpool F.C. is knitting and though out 2014 images of her hand craft spread like wildfire on the Norwegian part of my Facebook-wall. Images of the most amazing products like sweaters, socks and hats. It ended with me ordering a couple of hats myself.

The incredible part is that Nina is also making the design herself. She takes up order on and knits items such as hats, but, for the bigger items (socks and sweaters) she sell the design she has created itself. So if you have someone in your family with knitting experience you will be able to wear a “smokin’ hot” new seen before LFC sweater this winter. Well… if that someone in your family wants to knit you one of Nina’s products.

Just check this images out:

Nina 20 Nina 21Nina 1 Nina 2 Nina 3 Nina 4  Nina 6 Nina 7 Nina 8 Nina 9 Nina 10 Nina 11 Nina 12 Nina 13

I asked Nina politely if I could write an article about her products and share with the followers and readers of my website/blog.

Please note that I have no affiliation with Nina. Any sale she makes from this article she keep for herself. I just love people who have this kind of drive within them to make something that everyone with the same passion for LFC surely will enjoy.

Nina does not have a website, but she has created her own group on Facebook where you can contact her. Or you can write to me and I will connect you with Nina.

Kjell Hanssen, January, 2015.

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  1. Fun post, it caught my eye as my husband is a huge LFC supporter……. One of our sons even has the middle name Anfield. I hope the business goes well for the knitter.

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