“Final” Arrangements

"Play Up, Liverpool"

Wednesday, April 22 – 1914
Phyllis laid down my “Courier,” and leant across the breakfast table, “Isn’t it simply magnificent?” she said thrillingly.

“Yes, thank you, it’s quite a good egg,” I assured her, and I went on with my breakfast.
“It’s the first time in twenty-two years!”
“Come, come,” I said, “things are not so bad as that. Only the morning before last I remember —-“

“I’m not talking about your silly egg,” Phyllis interrupted impatiently, “I have been reading about Liverpool in training. Do you know what they’ve done? They’ve beaten — er — er —“

“Aston Villa,” I put in helpfully.
“Yes, Aston Villa, and now they are going to meet — er —“
“Burnley,” I prompted.
“Yes, Burnley, in the English Cup Final, at the Crystal Palace!”

With almost perfect composure I made a request for some more coffee. I was determined to show Phyllis that…

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