Manchester City WFC Reserves v Liverpool Ladies Reserves 2-0

Thursday, April 16 – 2015
Ladies Reserves, Northern Premier Development League, at City Football Academy, kick-off: 19:30.
Manchester City WFC Reserves – Liverpool Ladies Reserves 2-0 (2-0).
Manchester City WFC Reserves: Becky Abbott, Chloe Adams, Cara Fields, Hannah Fryer, Hannah Godfrey, Isabella Hayes, Ceri Holland, Evie Kennerley, Elizabeth Seasman, Francesca Sullivan, Grace Vella.
Substitution: Aisha Yallop for Fields after 65 min.
Subs not used: Charlotte Boylan, Rhema Lord-Mears, Thea Mallett, Jessica Shepherd.
Liverpool Ladies Reserves: Shannon Beckwith, Jessica Davenport, Bethany Donoghue, Kess Elmore, Olivia Fuller, Mollie Green, Katrin Omarsdottir, Emilie Revitt, Natasha Rothery, Victoria Rumsey, Olivia Wild.
Substitutions: Mayumi Gillam for Omarsdottir at half-time; Kirsty Hanson for Beckwith after 70 min.; Elizabeth Earle for Green after 80 min.
The goals: 1-0 Adams (8 min.), 2-0 Haynes (28 min.).


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