Alex Raisbeck’s unique life story begins

"Play Up, Liverpool"

Saturday, March 20 – 1915
Alick Raisbeck, Scotland’s greatest international captain.
Begins the story of his remarkable football career.
He thinks if he had continued at outside right he would have been a nonentity.

Yes; it took me some little time to make up my mind whether I would write what might truthfully be described as my preliminary obituary notice. As a biographer, I am afraid I shall grievously disappoint, but if the recalling in the simple language which I shall employ will interest a few, then it’s up to me to make the effort.

In a very real sense I was one of Fortune’s footballs, and probably the luckiest and most profitable of any transaction to which I was a party was when I shook Tom Watson, of Liverpool, by hand, who in turn, in his own peculiar genial way, asked me for a sample of my handwriting, which…

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