The President of Celtic Football Club – Mr. John Glass

"Play Up, Liverpool"

Saturday, April 9 – 1892
Mr. James McAleer, Glasgow, contributes the following to the People’s Journal: –

Mr. John Glass, the perpetual President of the famous Celtic Football Club, Glasgow, entered this world thirty-eight years ago. Born within sound of the Cross Bells, little Johnnie soon set up opposition to their music, and carried it on for a period of three years with varying success.

Mr. John Glass.
John Glass Celtic 1892

He was sent early in life to a day school in the neighbourhood where knowledge was passed into the head by the simple expedient of hammering it in at the other extremity and allowing the spinal cord to do the rest. But John was born to be a worker, and at the age of 18 we find him foreman glazier in the establishment of Carney & Sons, then one of the foremost glass merchants’ establishments in Glasgow.

He continued in that capacity…

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