Neil Ruddock: “I wasn’t greedy”

"Play Up, Liverpool"

Wednesday, July 21 – 1993
Ossie Ardilles blasted Neil Ruddock last night for demanding £8,000 a week to stay at Spurs – and then wanting £150,000 to go. But Ruddock, whose £2,5 million transfer to Liverpool was completed yesterday, hit back at accusations that his greed held up the deal.

“I think Tottenham were trying to spoil things when I was so happy at joining Liverpool,” said 25 year-old central defender Ruddock.
“I wasn’t being greedy. All I wanted was the money I owed and anyone in that situation would have kicked up a fuss.”

Neil Ruddock

Ardilles claimed: “From the beginning it was all about the money – not because Terry Venables had left the club.”

Ruddock was the leading figure in player protests about Venable’s sacking at Tottenham and submitted a written transfer request.

After peace-talks broke down Liverpool beat competition from Blackburn, Newcastle and Chelsea for Ruddock, who signed…

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