Joseph Brough, Liverpool FC

"Play Up, Liverpool"

Saturday, September 17 – 1910
Many cases are there in connection with the history of our two premier league clubs, where a player engaged for one particular position, and proved a comparatively failure, has developed into a brilliant success in another department of the team.

In like manner many a footballer has started his career in a certain part only to find subsequently that his ability better fitted him to fill another. Such are the vagaries of fortune and in this respect luck enters largely into the possibilities of a footballer’s career.

He may discover his natural place in an eleven straight away; on the other hand there may be months of unsatisfactory endeavour expended ‘ere such a desirable consummation is attained. These introductory remarks are applicable in some degree to the case of the player whose lineaments we portray above.

Joseph Brough was born at Burslem, and while at…

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